CCIC launches nationwide campaign on Canadian Aid

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Getting ready to leave no one behind

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its 2018 Development Cooperation Report, focusing on Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind. The report provides a snapshot of what OECD countries are doing in this regard, and provides guidance on how development cooperation providers can keep this promise. ODI also released its 2018 Index, which ranks 86 countries’ readiness to Leave No One Behind. Brookings also released a summary of results of a forthcoming report that assesses who they think is being left behind.

Developing tax collection?

Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM) has often been touted as one of the key means for countries to kick their aid dependency. A discussion paper by Development Initiatives looks at ODA for Domestic Revenue Mobilisation and the impact and effect that international assistance is having on strengthening DRM in low and middle -income countries. Results are mixed.

New figures on gender and development

The OECD has released the latest figures on how donor countries are doing on their commitments on Aid to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

Fragile contexts, fragile investments

The OECD has released a report looking at donor investments in fragile contexts, arguing that donors need to make more effort to address the root causes of poor countries’ vulnerability to conflict and unrest. The Report worryingly notes that official development assistance to so-called fragile states is increasingly concentrated on short-term emergency spending rather than on long-term development assistance.