Policy & Analysis

The Policy Team at CCIC works with our members to :

  • Monitor and track emerging trends in global development cooperation and humanitarian policy, and signal these changes to our members to help them be as effective and impactful as possible;
  • Propose, and react to, new sustainable development and humanitarian policies in Canada and beyond as the global landscape evolves;
  • Encourage the Canadian government and civil society to be cooperative leaders on key policy issues in global development and humanitarian assistance;
  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis of Canada’s aid portfolio and emerging global issues, and assess the implications for Canadian programs overseas, in particular for Canadian civil society organizations;
  • Organize learning events to socialize new developments, key analysis, and policy and political changes for our membership and the broader community;
  • Convene our members in policy working groups to ensure our policy development and analysis is shaped and informed by their lived experiences; and
  • Facilitate consultations and dialogue between civil society organizations, government officials, and political staff.

This work includes analyzing, commenting on, and providing recommendations for policy and programming at Global Affairs Canada, and advocating for robust  Canadian engagement on global development and humanitarian issues.


Institutional Policies


CCIC is committed to gender equality and women’s rights and strives in our goals, our analysis, and how we work to be consistent with this commitment.  With this policy, CCIC wants to ensure that its governance, programming and organizational practices are explicit about issues related to women’s rights and gender equality.

CCIC Organizational Policy:
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

CCIC By-Laws
Revised May 2018

CCIC 10-Point Agenda

Have a look at the many publications written by or in partnership with our policy analysts.

Modern Charities, Ancient Policies: Public policy and Canada’s development sector

Modern Charities, Ancient Policies: Public policy and Canada’s development sector

CCIC frequently organizes workshops for members with charity law experts and has an active CRA Reference Group of member organizations dedicated to examining the legal framework for the sector. CCIC is also an active participant in other umbrella groups and coalitions that work collectively on issues of the legal and regulatory framework for the Canadian non-profit and charitable sector.