Canadian Aid Policy and Practice


2016 International assistance policy review and consultations



On May 18, 2016, Minister Bibeau launched an important and historic international assistance policy review process. The review process was conducted through a series of in-person consultations, as well as through an online consultation, based on six priorities put forward in a discussion paper posted on Global Affairs Canada’s web portal.

Multilateral and international partners, in addition to local stakeholders, were included in the consultation process which took place over a two months period. CCIC and its members were actively involved in the different consultations.


To learn more about the consultation and CCIC’s contribution, read:


CCIC’s analysis of the consultation process and discussion papercirculated by Global Affairs.


Ten key messages for the 2016 International Assistance review


CCIC’s final submission to the international assistance policy review process, complete or brief


To engage your MP
 on the expected outcomes of the consultation, use:


MP Engagement Toolkit


Infographic on 10 ways to strenghten Canada’s International Assistance Policy


To read the discourse analysis of submissions to the International Assistance Review, consult In Our Words