Next Generation for Development

Next Generation – Collaboration for Development was a joint program of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) and the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID).

Next Generation aimed to position Canada as a leader in innovative, multi-stakeholder international development and humanitarian research, practice and policy development. The goal was to encourage better collaborations between civil society and academia, and strengthen the Canadian ecosystem of research and knowledge sharing.

To facilitate collaborations, we need a better sense of who the different groups and individuals in this ecosystem are – both within and beyond CCIC-CASID respective memberships. Visit the Next Generation Database for more details!

NextGen Database Updated!

In our second phase (2019), NextGen teamed up with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada to link research in Canada to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by mapping areas of research around the SDGs/ Agenda 2030. NextGen mapped areas of research to the SDGs agenda to identify how researchers in Canada contribute to the implementation and understanding of the SDGs.

Given the universality of Agenda 2030, the NextGen Database expanded its mandate to include researchers beyond the international development and humanitarian fields. It now includes researchers working on domestic issues related to SDGs.

The NextGen Database also increased its number of profiles by 35%.



2019 NextGen Symposium


Appel aux OSC📣 Notre projet de recherche vise à aider les secteurs du développement international et de l'aide humanitaire à devenir des leaders mondiaux en matière d’écologisation et de conscience climatique dans leur opérations. Partagez vos idées ici!

Calling all #CSOs📣 We've embarked on research to support #internationaldevelopment and #humanitarian sectors in Canada to become global leaders in environmental mainstreaming and climate-conscious operations. Thoughts on greening🌿? Let us know here!

"We do not need to live in a world where we have our first trillionaire while millions live in poverty. We need to envision when we punch above our weight and take the role we have had in our past." - @HMcPhersonMP

All Party #unDebateUpdate #CCICForum2020 #cdnpoli

RIGHT NOW: All party unDebate – Charting the Common Ground in Federal Party Perspectives for International Cooperation! What's an unDebate? It's a constructive discussion – not a partisan debate w/@KamalKheraLib @MikeLakeMP @ElizabethMay @HMcPhersonMP @SPSTremblay. #CCICForum2020

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