Modern Charities, Ancient Rules: Public Policy Activities and Canada’s Global Development Sector


Submission to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Consultation on Charities’ Political Activities 
CCIC member organizations have been working together for many years to address charity regulation issues affecting the sector. Charity regulation reform and clarification have been identified by its membership as a priority to improve the enabling environment for Canadian organizations working to end global poverty and promote sustainable human development. CCIC frequently organizes workshops for members with charity law experts and has an active CRA Reference Group of member organizations dedicated to examining the legal framework for the sector. CCIC is also an active participant in other umbrella groups and coalitions that work collectively on issues of the legal and regulatory framework for the Canadian non-profit and charitable sector.


To further inform this submission, CCIC conducted two national surveys of international development and humanitarian assistance organizations in September 2016 and October 2016 to gather knowledge and views on (a) the rules related to charities’ ‘direction and control’ requirements and (b) ‘political activities’ respectively.