In 2018, many leaders from the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) expressed their determination and signed a pledge to prevent and address sexual misconduct in the international development and humanitarian aid sector

 If you haven’t yet signed the pledge and wish to do so, please click on the following link:


In order to fulfill these commitmentsa number of actions were identified, including establishing a Sector Hub, based at CCIC, with the following mandate: 

Gather and make available resources to equip International development and humanitarian organizations to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) through the effective implementation (mainstreaming) of gender-responsive best practices and policies. 


The PSEA Sector Hub is slowly taking shape. In order to collaborate on this great societal challenge that is the prevention of SEA, we would like to know your specific needs. Brigitte Demers, manager of the PSEA Sector Hub, will be attending a number of events to answer your questions on the Hub, exchange ideas, build partnerships, and collect your main concerns and needs. These events include:  


Spur Change National Conference 2019, November 20-22, 2019 

Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) : Tools and Resources for SMOs,  November 21, at 3 pm 

Organizational development: How to integrate gender equality in operations and programming?, November 22, 2019, at 1:30 pm 


Summit on Canada’s Global LeadershipNovember 2728, 2019 

Can sexual violence in the workplace really be prevented? Thursday, November 28 at 2:15 pm 


To share your specific needs if you aren’t able to visit us during the above events, you may do so by: 

  • Filling out the questionnaire that will soon be posted on this site 


We look forward to the official launch of the PSEA Hub in March 2020Until the Hub’s activities are fully underway, we encourage you to visit us regularly for up-dates and resources that will be made available as they are compiled.