On May 7-8, CCIC participated in two days of discussions convened by the Dignity Network on Canada’s international policy affecting LGBTI+ people and communities. Participants represented a wide range of formal organizations and informal movements working to advance human rights for LGBTI+ people in Canada and around the world, among them several members of CCIC.

Participants identified numerous advances made in the past year, such as significant leadership from Canada on the Equal Rights Coalition and new commitments of focused federal support for international work on LGBTI+ issues.

Much of the discussion focused on planning the Dignity Network’s engagement in helping to implement the Government of Canada’s commitment to supporting the human rights of LGBTI+ people. Many of the priorities identified by Dignity Network members are shared by the international cooperation sector as a whole:

  • flexible and predictable funding;
  • building dedicated capacity in government and civil society;
  • and ensuring a human rights-based approach to policy and programming.

CCIC is committed to continuing its engagement with the Dignity Network and its members to share good practices, lessons and ideas throughout the international cooperation community.