Training Manual – Implementing a Human Rights -Based Approach (CCIC and Equitas)

Training Manual – Implementing a Human Rights -Based Approach (CCIC and Equitas)

This manual was adapted from Integrating HRBA and Equitable Partnerships into Development Programming: Operationalizing the Istanbul Principles.


It provides all the resources you need to run a workshop on integrating a human rights-based approach (HRBA) into your programming.


By the end of the training participants should be able to:

  1. better integrate the elements of HRBA into the programs and projects of their organizations;
  2. share knowledge with peers and partners on how to integrate a HRBA .




 Click on image for the  HRBA Guide (PDF)

Here are the accompanying PowerPoints to the HRBA manual. The first one is an overview of the International human rights system, and second one is on the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA).

Click here for overview of the International human rights system Powerpoint (PDF)

  PPT1.Human Rights Overview - March 2018

Click here for Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) powerpoint (PDF)

 PPT2.HRBA_March 2018_FINAL

Shaping the future: a new vision for civil society and the G7

Shaping the future: a new vision for civil society and the G7

The summary of the Civil Society Group of 7 (C7) meeting includes benchmarks to help foster a new productive and meaningful relationship between civil society and the G7, more specifically through:


1. Long-term continuity of, and progress on, process and substance

2. Commitment to consistent high-level political and bureaucratic dialogue and engagement.

3. Fostering inclusive and diverse spaces for engaging different perspectives and ideas.

4. Transparency and accountability of information and process, and open communication.



C7 Summary Final - EN

Open Letter to Minister Freeland – Concerning political prisoners being held in maximum-security prison in Honduras

Dear Minister:

The Americas Policy Group (APG), a regional working group of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, wishes to express its concerns regarding the ongoing acute human rights crisis in Honduras and the incarceration of political prisoners, amid a pattern identified by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights “of intimidation and reprisals targeting human rights defenders and members or sympathizers of the opposition parties in the aftermath of electoral protests”. Those protests followed the November 26th presidential elections, marred by irregularities and allegations of fraud.