Patricia Erb, Life-Long Activist for Women’s and Children’s Rights Recipient of CCIC’s Karen Takacs Award for Women’s Leadership in International Development 

OTTAWA, 10 May 2017—Patricia Erb, President and CEO of Save the Children, is this year’s recipient of the Karen Tackas Award for Women’s Leadership in International Development. The award is given annually to a woman who identifies as a feminist, is peer-nominated and is making a meaningful contribution to global cooperation.

Erb received the honour at CCIC’s Global Impact Soirée. The event, held as part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, highlighted the contribution Canada has made to international development and humanitarian assistance.

“It’s fitting that we’ve honoured Patricia Erb at this special event,” said Julia Sanchez, President-CEO of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC). “Erb is an unwavering advocate and champion for the rights and health of children and women.”

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