Canadian Council for International Co-operation

The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Voluntary Sector

CCIC works with numerous voluntary sector organizations and coalitions in Canada to address cross sectoral issues and concerns such as awareness, advocacy and voluntary sector policy.

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Global Philanthropy and International Cooperation – This research paper, prepared for CCIC by Betty Plewes, looks at trends in global philanthropy and their implications for international cooperation CSOs. (December 2008) (PDF 263 Kb)

Thinking Globally? Canadian Foundations and Trends in International Philanthropy – Explore the nature and scale of the international activities of Canadian foundations and look briefly at how they compare with American and European foundations. (October 2007) (PDF 115 Kb)

Voluntary Sector Awareness Project.
CCIC is one of eight national organizations who have come together to launch an innovative new project intended to raise awareness about the Canadian Voluntary Sector. The Voluntary Sector Awareness Project (funded by Social Development Canada and lead by Imagine Canada) is one of the last "deliverables" of the Voluntary Sector Initiative. The purpose of the project is to develop and launch a public awareness campaign in the summer of 2006. This campaign will be informed by a series of Community Conversations to be held in the fall of 2005. (SDC News Release) A discussion paper designed to help initiate dialogue not only in these Community Conversations but within Canada’s voluntary sector at large, and written by Paddy Bowen, Project Manager, is now available for reference, reflection and feedback. (Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts)(1392 kb)

The Voluntary Sector Awareness Project’s online feedback form is now available. This online feedback form will allow interested individuals and organizations to send in their responses to three key questions provided in the project's "Discussion Paper, Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts". Answers will be collected and added to those received at the Community Conversations being held across the country this fall. The Awareness Project looks forward to hearing from you!

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