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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Next Generation | CCIC-CASID Program


Next Generation - CCIC-CASID

CCIC, in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID), is responsible of a new research program entitled Next-Generation Leadership: New Models for Canadian Collaboration in International Development! Over a three-year IDRC-funded program (2017—2019), CCIC and CASID will identify and promote new ways of working among practitioners, researchers, academics, students and policy developers.

The program has the ambition to position Canada as a leader in innovative multi-stakeholder approaches to global development research, practice and policy development, creating conditions for enhanced and sustained collaboration between civil society and academia. To achieve this, the program will support a series of partnerships between academics and practitioners, using a range of different models of collaboration – communities of practice, working groups, annual conferences, leaders’ forums, secondments and placements, speakers’ tours, and others – to stimulate new thinking and generate timely and policy-relevant joint research. The program will test and refine these models of practitioner-academic collaboration, generating processes, products and relationships that CCIC and CASID both hope will outlast the program’s timeframe.
In the first six months of the program, different mapping exercises will take place to obtain an accurate overview of the Canadian ecosystem of research and knowledge sharing. Among other things, we will map existing partnerships and collaborations between Canadian academia and civil society, and conduct a literature review around what makes for good academic-practitioner collaboration.  Learn more about the different opportunities to join this initiative by consulting this page, CCIC’S Employment section, or by subscribing to FLASH!.

Find out more by consulting an overview of the Next Generation program.

Recent publication:Improving our Collaborations for Better Development Outcomes. A Short Summary of a CCIC-CASID Literature Review.
September 2017

About our Partner
CASID is a national, bilingual, interdisciplinary and pluralistic association devoted to the promotion of new knowledge in the broad field of international development. CASID is a membership-based organization.



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