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Joint publication by three Working Groups


Parliamentary Strategy Guide: 42nd Parliament of Canada Members of Parliament and Senators
November 2016 (PDF, 864 KB)
Functions relevant to international cooperation

Whose rights are we protecting? Ensuring the primacy of human rights over investor protections in the international legal regime
March 2016
(PDF 1.28 MB)
International Investment Agreements (IIAs) are agreements negotiated between states to govern the promotion and the protection of foreign investments. While these agreements provide very strong protection to foreign investors and their investments, they do nothing to protect the human rights of those affected by these investments. This report reviews the main substantive issues related to IIAs, highlights their most problematic aspects, and presents various paths of action to address the problems related to investment agreements. It presents three recommendations on how to address the issues raised by this mechanism.



Africa Canada Forum

Africa-Canada Forum Colloquium Report

October 2014 (727 KB)
The Africa-Canada Forum has released a report outlining for its annual colloquium on “Building Partnerships to tackle Inequality: opportunities and challenges for African and Canadian CSOs”, on October 14-15, 2014. 

ACF Colloquium 2012 - Economic Growth, the Private Sector and Sustainable Development: Where is Africa Heading?

October 2012 (645 KB)

ACF Retrospective 2000-2012

2012 (PDF 582 KB)
The Africa-Canada Forum celebrated its 12th anniversary in January 2012. This document presents a retrospective of the evolution of the coalition, and presents our main achievements and the African colleagues who have been part of our debates.

Climate Negotiations and Justice for Vulnerable Populations: Perspectives for COP 17 and Rio+20

September 2011 (PDF 641 KB)
This September 2011 learning conference was held in collaboration with the Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development (C4D), CCIC's Africa-Canada Forum, Asia-Pacific Working Group and Canadian Food Security Policy Group.  The conference sought to deepen civil society understanding of key policy debates in upcoming international negotiations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17), to be held in Durban, South Africa, November 28-December 9, 2011, and the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 4-6, 2012. The conference focused particularly on the implications for small farmers, indigenous peoples and other marginalized populations.

The Difficult Walk towards Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo: What Role for Canada?

March 2011 (PDF 90 KB)
The conflict that unfolded in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from 1996 to 2003 has been the world’s deadliest since the Second World War.  Despite the end of the conflict, violence and insecurity still prevail in the eastern region of the DRC, primarily driven by the competition to control trading of valuable minerals.  The fight for these natural resources leads to some of the most serious human rights violations.  In that context, what role can Canada play?

Canada’s Action Plan on the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security (1325, 1820, 1888, 1889)

March 2011 (PDF 153 KB)
Canada's Action Plan, released in October 2010, provides a framework for a whole-of-government approach to address the situation of women and girls in conflict settings. While the plan sets out important areas for action and has generally been well received by Canadian civil society, some important considerations still remain to be addressed, such as issues related to implementation, monitoring, and reporting, an increased focus on participation and representation, a more robust contextualized approach and the need for on-going consultation with civil society in Canada and abroad.

Africa Matters: Time for a Renewed Commitment to Economic and Social Justice for Africa
April 2010 (PDF 304 KB)
The G8 and G20 Summits 2010 provide Canada with an important opportunity to lead the way with bold new initiatives that strengthen the capacities of Africans and their governments to weather the economic, financial, climate, food, and conflicts crisis and resume strategies to overcome poverty and growing inequalities on the continent.

ACF Colloquium 2010 - Issues of Peace and Security in Africa: A Civil Society Agenda for Democratization
2010 (PDF 48 KB)

Over 35 participants met over two days to deepen their knowledge of the complex challenges facing the continent in its search for sustainable peace. With colleagues from Africa, the Diaspora and academia, we discussed ways forward for the Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) advocacy work and members’ partnership relations in support of peace and development in Africa, taking account of the context of growing challenges for Canadian civil society organizations to sustain their work with African counterparts. The agenda was built to first allow for an overview of the African challenges in the long journey to sustainable peace. Then we looked at the complexity of peace building, focusing on the cases of the Great Lakes region and Sudan. We explored the dynamics of conflict, looking in particular at the link between extractive resources, human rights and local development, and the role of women and girls in building peace. Finally, we discussed ways to better engage with our African counterparts in mutual solidarity based on the outcomes of the Open Forum for CSOs Development effectiveness process.

Canada’s Role in Supporting African Women in Peace Processes
October 2009 (PDF 125 KB)
Speaking notes for S. Wijeyaratne

Canada's Support to Peace Processes in Africa
April 2009 (PDF 37 KB)
Surendrini Wijeyaratne, Program Officer, Peace and Conflicts, Canadian Council for International Co-operation, looks at the place of Africa in Canada's International Peace and Defence Policy. focusing on Canada's support to peace processes in Africa. Based on the cases of the DRC and Uganda, she argues that previous and successful support to specific and important peace initiatives in those countries, in particular in terms of women's participation in peace negotiations in the DRC, have not been capitalized upon. In fact, Canada's current dwindling prioritization on Africa may affect the sustainability and implementation of peace efforts in places like DRC and Uganda not to mention the number of smaller countries.

Africa Matters: The Africa-Canada Forum Platform for Action 2009-2011

March 2009 (PDF 368 KB)
The platform describes what ACF recommends that Canada do to promote human rights and end poverty and injustice in Africa. Meant as a reference for individual members' and collective action for policy work, the platform is rooted in the close relationships ACF and its members have been building over years of collaborative work with African counterparts. It reflects our experience of the day-to-day reality of Africans and their struggle to transform this reality.

Priority Countries for Canada's International Assistance: Africa Left on Sidelines

March 2009 (PDF 19 KB)


Americas Policy Group

Op-eds, articles & open letters

Canada Should Seek a Greater Role beyond Trade in the Americas
April 29, 2015 | Huffington Post Canada - Development Unplugged (PDF 113 KB)

Three Amigos summit delay a missed opportunity 
January 28, 2015|Embassy (PDF 216 KB)

Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement: Another example of our country’s poor record on trade and human rights
July 9, 2014 | Embassy
(PDF 493 KB)

Ottawa falling short on key provision of free-trade deal 
March 29, 2014 |The Globe and Mail
(PDF 390 KB)

Canada must call for dialogue amid unrest in Venezuela 
March 26, 2014|Embassy (PDF 422 KB)

Guatemala: Canada must break its silence 
January 10, 2014 | Embassy
(PDF 278 KB)
Long version of the letter here (PDF 534 KB). 

Trade at the Expense of Human Rights?

November 6, 2013 | iPolitics (PDF 523 KB)

Another non-report on human rights and trade with Colombia

June 26, 2013 | Embassy (PDF 540 KB)

Conservatives reneged on agreement to study impact of free trade on human rights in Colombia

June 25, 2013 | The Globe and Mail (PDF 480 KB)

Why Is Canada Friendly with Repressive Honduran Regime?

May 22, 2013 | Embassy (PDF 690 KB)

First Colombian trade deal human rights report is a disappointment
May 23, 2012 | Embassy (PDF 450 KB)

Canada's regional Americas strategy at a crossroads
April 11, 2012 | Embassy (PDF 131 KB)

Human rights accountability in trade with Colombia

August 18, 2011 | Embassy (PDF 209 KB)

The 5th Summit of the Americas: Time for a Grand Gesture?

April 8, 2009 Embassy (Online)

Colombian Visitors Oppose Trade Deal With Canada
February 10, 2009 | Toronto Star (PDF 29 KB)


Letter to Minister Freeland - Concerns of the Americas Policy Group (APG) with regard to the Fifth Annual Report Pursuant to the Agreement concerning Annual Reports on Human Rights and Free Trade between Canada and the Republic of Colombia
- October 19, 2016

Letter to Minister Dion - Americas Policy Group deeply concerned by violence against land and environment defenders in the Americas - October 11, 2016 (PDF)

Letter to Minister Dion - Americas Policy Group expresses its deep concern regarding the situation in Colombia - June 3, 2016 (PDF)

Letter to Minister Dion on the financial crisis at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

May 30, 2016 (PDF 371 KB)

Letter to Minister Nicholson on renewal of mandate of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala 
April 21, 2015
(PDF 338 KB)

Letter to Senator MacDonald on Colombia 
February 3, 2015
(PDF 382 KB)

Letter to Minister Baird on 43 disappeared students in Mexico 
December 17, 2014
(PDF 413 KB)

Letter to Ambassador Savage Regarding Threats to Human Rights Accompaniers in Guatemala

June 24, 2014 (PDF 103 KB)

Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the coup d'état in Honduras
July 22, 2009 (PDF 70 KB)
The letter is also available in Spanish (PDF 60 KB)

Letter to Minister Peter Kent on the murder of Salvadoran human rights defender and community activist Marcelo Rivera

July 22, 2009 (PDF 81 KB)
The letter is also available in Spanish (PDF 50 KB)

Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the recent violence and human rights violations in the Amazonas Region of Peru
June 15, 2009 (PDF 54 KB)

Letter to the Honourable Maxime Bernier on the recent attacks against NGOs, unions and human rights defenders in Colombia 
April 10, 2008 (PDF 23 KB)

Other publications

Colombia in the shadow of human rights abuses
July 2015 (PDF 2.23 MB)
A report from the Colombia Working Group

Fact Sheet 1: Repression and Human Rights Violations in Colombia
July 2015
Fact Sheet 2: Labour Rights in Colombia: A Story of Violence
July 2015
Fact Sheet 3: Land and Restitution
July 2015

Canadian report on human rights and free trade with Colombia flawed from the get go
June 16, 2014
(PDF 524 KB)

Analysis of the Canadian Government’s First Human Rights Report on the Canada-Colmbia FTA
May 2012 (PDF 470 KB)

Sixth Summit of the Americas in Colombia

April 2012 (PDF Various)

The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Human Rights Impact Report
May 2012 (PDF 725 KB)

Presentations to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development Hearing on Honduras
March 2011 (PDF Various)

Honduras: Democracy Denied
April 2010 (PDF 193 KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 75 KB)
The report is also available in Spanish (PDF 347 KB)
The report takes a critical look at the coup in Honduras, key issues for democracy and human rights, and Canada’s role. Specifically, the report reviews Canadian diplomatic efforts during the crisis, as well as the role of Canadian investors and businesses operating in the country prior to and during the coup. The report also makes a number of recommendations to facilitate a return to a strengthened constitutional order, respecting the human rights and development needs of Honduran citizens.

Key Benchmarks for a Human Rights Impact Assessment for the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
June 2009 (PDF 68 KB)

Statement of the APG - What Role for Canada in the Americas?
April 2009 (PDF 80 KB)

Conducting a Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement:  Key Issues

February 2009 (PDF 101 KB)


Asia Pacific Working Group

Joint Letter to Canadian companies re Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh
December 2013 (PDF 209 KB)
Twenty-five human rights, faith, women’s, teacher, student, community, overseas development and trade union organizations, including APWG and CCIC, have signed an Open Letter calling on Canadian retailers and brands to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. To date, only one Canadian company, Loblaw (owner of Joe Fresh), has signed the Accord. Read the December 18, 2013 media release here (PDF 511 KB).

Annual Symposium 2013: Trade, Investment and Human Rights in Asia
July 2013 (PDF 847 KB)
The Asia-Pacific Working Group (APWG) of CCIC organized its one-day annual symposium on April 16th in Ottawa. The APWG Annual Symposium focused primarily on Canada’s trade and investment agenda in Asia and its impacts on populations in the region. Speakers included Sanya Reid Smith (Third World Network), Afsar Jafri (Focus on the Global South), Ah Nan (Burma Rivers Network), Stuart Trew (Council of Canadians), Daniel Poon (North-South Institute) and Denis Côté (APWG-CCIC).

Agrofuels in Asia: Production, Impacts, International Incentives and Canada's Role
October 2012 (PDF 2.12 MB)


Food Security Policy Group


Letter to the Prime Minister on a whole-of-government strategy to address the global food crisis  
April 21, 2009 (PDF 37 KB)

Letter to the Honourable James Peterson, Minister for International Trade: Making the Doha Development Agenda Win-Win for Farmers in Canada and the South 
June 30, 2005 (PDF 2.24 MB)

Other publications

Fertile Ground? Assessing CIDA’s investments in food and farming
July 2013 (PDF 1.8 MB)
The Food Security Policy Group (a coalition of CCIC and other development organizations) assessed CIDA’s work in food and agriculture since the Food Security Strategy began in 2009. The report is available in both languages. The Fertile Ground report is based on four background studies:  country studies  in Ethiopia and Honduras, a report on statistics (PDF 424 KB) and a report on international dimensions (PDF 641 KB). All four are summarized in the synthesis paper.    

Canada and the global land rush
April 2013 (PDF 674 KB)
Prepared by Jasmine Bélanger-Gulick for the Canadian Food Security Policy Group
Analysis of Canadian involvement in large-scale agricultural land acquisition in the Southern Hemisphere.

Strengthening Canada's contribution to global food security: Learning from Canadian civil society's field experiences
May 2011 (PDF 276 KB)

A Comprehensive National Food Policy: Strengthening Canada's Place in the World
November 2010 (PDF 245 KB)

Building an Effective Canadian Food Strategy
September 2009 (PDF 119 KB)

Pathways to Resilience: A Food Security Policy Group Discussion Paper 
November 2008 (PDF 281 KB)
This document is the result of our efforts to collectively examine how the work of our partners in the South might inform Canada's response to the Global Food Crisis in a way that acknowledges the central role of smallholder agriculture and its long-term sustainability and resilience. A series of seven case studies is now available to accompany this discussion paper. The accompanying case studies have been prepared by individual members of the FSPG: 

  • Honduras – Growing Resilience: Seeds, Knowledge and Diversity in Honduras (USC Canada) (PDF 1.23 MB) 
  • India – Deccan Development Society: Alternative Public Distribution System (Inter Pares) (PDF 1.67 MB) 
  • Zambia – Integrated Food Security in Zambia: building paths towards resilience (CARE Canada) (PDF 1.33 MB) 
  • Malawi – Nurturing Soils, Crops and Communities (Canadian Foodgrains Bank) (PDF 843 KB) 
  • Kenya – Sand Dams in Kenya (Mennonite Central Committee) (PDF 1.57 MB) 
  • Nigeria – Climate Change Adaptation Goes Soap (Farm Radio International) (PDF 1.8 MB) 

Canada and the Global Food Crisis 
November 2008 (PDF 33 KB)

Effective Aid for Small Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Southern Civil Society Perspectives
November 2006-January 2007 (PDF Various)
In mid-2006, the Canadian Food Security Policy Group sponsored a series of independent research studies of priorities for aid to agriculture and the Canadian International Development Agency's (CIDA) bilateral supported initiatives in agriculture and rural development in three Sub-Saharan African countries -- Ethiopia, Ghana and Mozambique. The purpose of this research was to inform a dialogue in Canada on increasing the amount and effectiveness of CIDA's aid for agriculture in reducing poverty.

Sustainable Farm Livelihoods North and South – Policy Options Under Threat at the WTO
May 2005 (PDF 143 KB)

Principles for International Agricultural Trade Rules and Joint Demands for the Doha Agenda
May 2005 (PDF 23 KB)
Joint Declaration from Sustainable Farm Livelihoods, North and South – Policy Options under Threat at the WTO, a Roundtable and Learning Exchange.




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