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Digging Deeper: Towards Greater Action on Global Rights for Women and Girls
May 2014 (PDF 2,36 MB)
Over the past year the report researchers have explored the kinds of programming CSOs carry out in support of women and girls; the trends in international granting of Canadian foundations; and the funding trend for gender equality programs by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (formerly CIDA). In so doing, we hope that we’ve provided a base of information from which to raise questions and promote further conversations, research, strategies and action to strengthen Canadian initiatives in support of global women’s rights over the next decade and to increase giving in Canada.

CSOs on the Road from Accra to Busan
June 2012 (PDF 2.02 MB)
BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
A documentation of the CSO experience and lessons learned in the lead up to the November 2011 Busan Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.

An Assessment of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation: From a civil society perspective
March 2012 (PDF 94 KB)
BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
An assessment of the final outcome document from Busan relative to BetterAid’s key messages and proposals.

Democratic ownership and development effectiveness: Civil society perspectives on progress since Paris
October 2011 (PDF 3.5 MB)
Reality of Aid

International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness
June 2011 (PDF 1.3 MB)
Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
Agreed by the 2nd Global Assembly, Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, Siem Reap, Cambodia

CSOs on the Road to Busan: Key messages and proposals
April 2011 (PDF 197 KB)
BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

Synthesis of Outcomes of National and Sectoral Consultations on CSO Development Effectiveness
September 2010 (PDF 130 KB)
Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
The Open Forum’s first Global Assembly took place in Istanbul, September, 2010.  In the lead-up to this Assembly more than 60 country consultations took place around the world on appropriate principles that should guide CSOs as development actors and the enabling conditions for CSOs, donors and governments to ensure that CSOs are effective development actors. 

Making development cooperation architecture just: Governance principles and pillars
November 2010; revised March 2011 (PDF 280 KB)
Calls for a radical change in the international development cooperation and global governance system, based on a new approach focused on development effectiveness rather than aid effectiveness.

Development effectiveness in development cooperation: a rights-based perspective
October 2010 (PDF 282 KB)

Policy Paper on South-South Development Cooperation
March 2010 (PDF 141 KB)

Development Cooperation: Not Just Aid
January 2010 (PDF 147 KB)
BetterAid’s policy platform ahead of the 2011 Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Aid and development effectiveness: Towards Human Rights, Social Justice and Democracy
Month 2010 (PDF 2.43 MB)
Reality of Aid

Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness – Synthesis of Findings and Recommendations
August 2008 (PDF 775 KB)
Advisory Group on civil society and aid effectiveness

Aid Effectiveness: Democratic Ownership and Human Rights world poverty
Month 2008 (PDF Various)
Reality of Aid

Aid Effectiveness and Non-State Partnerships: Analytical Considerations
December 2006 (PDF 314 KB)
Réal Lavergne (CIDA Policy Branch) and Jacqueline Wood (CIDA Canadian Partnership Branch)

Youth Opinion Poll
April 2006 (PDF 347 KB)
War Child Canada

ODA:  Options and Challenges for Canada
March 2004 (PDF 153 KB)
Ian Smillie







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