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Request for Proposals, Policy Review Consultant

World Renew


Request for Proposals (RFP)
Policy Review Consultant

Background Information:                                 

World Renew, an agency of the Christian Reformed Church, is a founding member of the CHS* Alliance, has been working towards increased organizational capacity for programming accountability.  As part of that process, a series of self-assessments have been conducted – Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh and Canada/U.S.A. – to identify organizational gaps.  One consistent theme, in each assessment, has been the considerable unclarity around organizational policies.  Many staff are unaware of key policies, others are confused by conflicting policy documents or reference out dated versions while others are unable to distinguish the difference between guidance documents and policy.  

To address this challenge World Renew is undertaking a comprehensive policy review process, which will be followed by a roll-out/orientation process.  The policy review process is part of a larger strategy towards certification against the Core Humanitarian Standards.

Consultancy Objective:

World Renew seeks a consultant or team of consultants to be able to facilitate a review of organizational policies, introducing new or amended policies as necessary to ensure alignment with best practice and/or legal expectations.

Scope of Consultancy:

Provide expertise in the process of a comprehensive policy review within the organization.  The consultant will liaise with World Renew staff, peers in the development sector and, if necessary, legal advisors to ensure that all World Renew policies are up-to-date, aligned with legal and expected norms and relevant to the current organizational priorities.

a- Review all policy documents (i.e. policies, procedures and guidelines) ensuring alignment with:

    1. Current national, provincial and state legislation;
    2. Current national, provincial and state legislation;
    3. Church denominational policy or guidance;
    4. Membership expectations for various networks and alliances (e.g. CFGB, ACT Alliance, Integral Alliance, CCIC, InterAction);
    5. Requirements of GAC, USAID and other key institutional donors;
    6. Current best practice.

    b- Beyond the alignment with necessary requirements the policy documents should also be reviewed for:

  1. Alignment with current organizational priorities and strategy;
  2. Efficacy for achieving their mandate;
  3. Grammatical or typographical errors;
  4. Outdated references.

c- While the process would be open to further definition by the consultant(s) it is essential that the individual/team be both comprehensive and consultative in their approach. 

  1. Establishing a portfolio of current policy documents;
  2. Determine which policy documents fall within which category (i.e. policies, procedures or guidelines);
  3. Develop standardized template to ensure that policy documents are easily distinguishable and readily usable;
  4. Determine if there are any key gaps in policy (i.e. missing policies);
  5. Complete preliminary review and, if necessary, (re)-draft documents
  6. Share draft with identified working groups for input and review; (e.g. environmental stewardship working group)
  7. Incorporate appropriate changes;
  8. Present renewed (or new) policy to appropriate authorizing body.

Deliverables and Performance Standards:

The deliverable will be a complete portfolio of policies necessary for consistent good practice in the organization.

The consultant(s) will be expected to sign the World Renew Code of Conduct and abide by the terms of contract, to be agreed upon subsequent to the completion of the RFP process.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation:

  1. CVs of consultant(s);
  2. Details of comparable experience;
  3. Articulation of knowledge network (i.e. does the team or consultant not only have the personal knowledge base to draw from but a network to consult, if necessary);
  4. Consultancy plan and budget.

Evaluation and Award Process:

All proposals will be reviewed by a team of not-less-than-three members of the Standards Charter Group which comprises representation from across the organization.

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  1. Evidenced experience developing, reviewing or administering organizational policies;
  2. Knowledge of Canadian and US legal frameworks regarding non-profit, charitable or faith based organizations;
  3. Cost efficiency and value for money
  4. Ability to facilitate a consultative process
  5. Diversity of consultancy team or, in case of consultant, diversity of consultant’s wider network

Process Schedule:

RFP submissions are due on/by April 7, 2017.  The review process will be completed within two weeks with outcomes being communicated by e-mail.

Point of Contact:

Doreen Hoogvliets
World Renew
Systems Group

*List of Acronyms:
CHS – Core Humanitarian Standards
CFGB- Canadian Foodgrains Bank
ACT – Action of Churches Together
CCIC – Canadian Council for International Cooperation
GAC – Global Affairs Canada
USAID – United States Agency for International Development

Please visit our website at or for more information.  


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