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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Project Management Software/Database Application Consultancy Service

Consultant: IT Specialist

Formed in 1946 as a response to the humanitarian crisis in post-war Europe, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) has grown to serve the world's poor and disenfranchised through its Humanitarian Assistance and Development Programming, Emergency Relief, Refugee Support and Resettlement, and Humanitarian Aid Shipments.
The majority of current CLWR development and humanitarian assistance programming focuses on CLWR’s key mandate, support to refugees and displaced persons, by addressing their needs in education, access to safe water and hygiene facilities, and food security. Our current projects are based in Jordan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Uganda and the Palestinian territories, and are funded by the Government of Canada, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, members and congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Lutheran Church Canada, and individual Canadians.

CLWR is a member of the Lutheran World Federation and works in close partnership with its country offices to implement its projects. CLWR is a founding member of ACT Alliance, a disaster response network of 140 humanitarian agencies, as well as the member of Humanitarian Coalition, comprised of seven Canadian charitable member agencies who work together to respond to humanitarian emergencies around the world.

CLWR is headquartered in Winnipeg with offices in Waterloo and Vancouver.


CLWR is seeking proposals from qualified IT Specialists to assess CLWR’s Project Management Software/Database Applications (further Software/Database Applications) needs and provide recommendations for suitable software. Interested applicants should provide an estimate of all costs associated with the service. CLWR will evaluate the proposals to determine which Applicant’s solution meets the organization's requirements.

Scope of Work

It is expected that the consultant will:

  • Meet with CLWR staff to determine/confirm requirements (Needs Assessment)
  • Identify 3-5 Project Management Software/Database Applications available to Humanitarian and Development NGOs/Agencies for managing project related data which meet the following criteria:
  • - Mac friendly
    - possibility of using software/database application over the entire project lifecycle (planning, approval, implementation, evaluation and completion)
    - centralized storage of project documents (proposals, reports, photos etc.)
    - archive functions - real time record of tasks
    - automated project register
    - ability to aggregate data and generate reports based on specific fields (total funding, number of beneficiaries, etc).
    - tracking timesheets, project schedules, milestones and reporting deadlines
    - tracking up-to-date financial details (amounts disbursed and transfers, funding streams, total project budget, approved budget)
    - notes function regarding adjustments, changes, and lessons learned
    - standardized fillable fields to input various project data (budget, number of beneficiaries, implementation dates, source of funding etc).

    • Identify reviewed Software’s/Database Application’s requirements and capabilities (hosting vs. cloud based, software cost, maintenance cost and upgrades, cloud storage space, off- line/online, MAC friendly, user friendly, remote accessibility)
    • Assess and clearly identify strengths and weaknesses of each reviewed Software/Database Application
    • Presentation of the recommended Software/Database Applications to CLWR highlighting key functionalities, strong and weak points
    • Provide written recommendations on the most appropriate Software/Applications based on CLWR’s needs by explaining major factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the Software/Database Application.


    The Deliverables shall include the following:

    • Written recommendations, including details on key functionalities, strengths and weaknesses of 3-5 recommended Software/Database Application
    • Written recommendations on the most appropriate Software/Applications based on CLWR’s needs by explaining major factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the Software/Database Application
    • Presentation to CLWR on reviewed and recommended Software/Database Applications by highlighting key functionalities, strengths and weaknesses.

    Qualifications and Experiences

    • University degree on Information technology
    • 3-5 years proven professional experience in database management, design and maintenance
    • Other trainings in the area of assignment will be an asset
    • Previous experience with Humanitarian or Development NGOs, international organizations and familiarity with the context of humanitarian and development projects are considered to be an asset.

    Expected duration of consultancy

    All activities to be completed by October 31, 2017

    Contract extention

    The ability to support the implementation and training project phase in an extended contract will be considered in the selection process.

    Proposal requirements

    Please submit the following documents electronically to Patricia Maruschak at by August 25, 2017:

    • CV indicating relevant experience and academic background
    • Brief outline of the Approach and Methodology to providing the services noted above indicating major factors/issues to be considered and how they will be addressed
    • Financial proposal shall be submitted in CAD and include all costs necessary for carrying out service including cost for travel in case applicants are located outside of Winnipeg
    • Proposed work schedule/timeline including number of days required (max. 2 months)
    • Three (3) references

    For any questions or inquiries please contact: Patricia Maruschak
    CLWR Winnipeg Office 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5 204.694.5602


    Notice to Candidates 
    Please mention that you saw the ad on the CCIC web site
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