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Research Assistant


Title: Research Assistant (Multi-case case study)
Location: Ottawa
Supervisor: Program Officer – Collaborative Research 
Organisation: Canadian Council for International Co-operation 
Term: Contract from March 5th, 2018 to June 25th 2018 (16 weeks)
Salary: 140 hours/ $30.18 per hour (Graduate student)


The Research Assistant will be employed by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) to work on a joint research program undertaken by CCIC and the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID). CCIC is Canada’s national coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) working globally to achieve sustainable human development. Our members represent a broad range of CSOs working in international development and humanitarian assistance — from faith-based and secular groups to labour unions, cooperatives and professional associations. CASID is a national, bilingual, interdisciplinary and pluralistic association devoted to the promotion of new knowledge in the broad field of international development. CASID is a membership-based organization.

CCIC and CASID are undertaking a three-year research program (2017-2019) entitled Next-Generation Leadership: New Models for Canadian Collaboration in International Development. The program aspires to generating a more collaborative, relevant and timely, and effective and impactful ecosystem of knowledge and learning in Canada by fostering new ways of working among practitioners, researchers, academics, students and policy developers. To achieve this goal, the program will support partnerships between academia and practitioners through different models of collaboration – for example, joint research initiatives, communities of practice, secondments, regional events, and conferences – that generate timely and policy-relevant knowledge.

Under the supervision of the Program Officer - Collaborative Research, the Research Assistant will conduct a multi-case case study on research partnerships between Canadian academics (research centres) and Canadian civil society organizations working on global development issues. This research will explore the experiences of researchers and practitioners involved in research collaborations using a case study approach within Canada. A key part of this study will be to identify lessons-learned, best practices, and challenges drawing on a range of research partnerships. The findings from this study will form the basis for organizing an international event on CSO/academic collaboration in Canada. By the end of this project, the research assistant will have produced different outputs such as a draft report of findings, and a final report with an executive summary (integrating feedback).


  • Consult key informants involved in the CASID-CCIC joint program, as well as some external stakeholders, to help give shape to the scope (field, disciplinary, etc.);
  • Design the methodology for the study (case selection, number of cases, key criteria to be evaluated, etc.);
  • Conduct a desk review of the relevant program documents and studies on the topic;
  • Co-develop the key research questions that frame the study;
  • Develop the data collection tools (e.g. Interview guide);
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders involved in research partnerships;
  • Compile the findings in a structured and organized way that profiles the findings, lessons-learned, best practices, challenges and relevant experiences around academic-practitioner research collaboration;
  • Produce a draft and final report as well as an executive summary (as agreed with the Supervisor);
  • Support the planning of a key event on research partnerships including working on a grant proposal;
  • Present the findings at key events determined with the supervisor.


  • Demonstrated experience in research, including designing research methods (designing interview guide, case study approach, qualitative analysis, etc.);
  • Experience in conducting interviews and/or focus groups;
  • Experience in writing grant research proposal;
  • Ability to work independently and systematically, to adapt rapidly to a changing environment, and to demonstrate flexibility;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge of data collection;
  • Attention to detail.

Education and experience equivalent to:

  • Graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree or a PhD in Political Science, International Development or a related field.
  • Existing knowledge of the global cooperation and international assistance issues is an asset.
  • Existing experience of academic-practitioner collaboration is also an asset.
  • Knowledge of reference management software is desirable (for example Zotero).
  • Bilingual in Canada’s two official languages (written and spoken).

Application Deadline: 4 March 2018
Apply by sending a résumé and a cover letter explaining your qualifications for this position to

Notice to Candidates 
Please mention that you saw the ad on the CCIC web site

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