Canadian Council for International Co-operation

The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Renewing your Membership
to CCIC 2016-2017

Steps to renew your membership

The steps to renew your membership are as follows:

1. Fill-out and submit the online membership renewal form

2. Mail your cheque to:
Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC)
Att: Anna Campos
39 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1L 8L7

Membership Fees

Membership fees are calculated on the basis of expenses related to the international development and development education programs in the year immediately preceding the year for which fees are being paid. A copy of your audited financial statements must accompany your fee payment calculations.

Expenses associated with these programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • all development, humanitarian assistance and emergency relief programming, including management costs (staff and other);
  • public engagement and global citizenship education in Canada and abroad;
  • international human rights programming and advocacy; 
  • international development and/or humanitarian assistance research, policy and/or campaigns;
  • administration, fundraising and marketing costs, including staff costs;
  • funds that are spent for direct implementation as well as with and through partners.

Expenses related to domestic programming that is not related to international development and/or international humanitarian assistance can be excluded, as well as in-kind contributions. Flow-through funds that do not imply any management or administrative costs whatsoever on the part of the member organization might also be excluded. Any and all exclusions must be explained clearly at the time of membership renewal in the form provided.

The formula used to calculate membership fees is: 0.4% for the first $1 million of eligible expenses and 0.15% of expenses thereafter, to a maximum fee of currently set at $15,437. The minimum fee is $309. The minimum and maximum fee payable may be adjusted annually by a CCIC Board decision to reflect the inflation rate for the preceding year.


For more information please contact Michelle Bested at
(613) 241-7007 ext. 350 or e-mail

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