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Capacity Building Webinar Series

November 21, 2010

The PE Hub is a free, dynamic online space for the sharing of information, good practices, and capacity-building resources between staff, Board, and key volunteers of international development organizations working in PE, communications, and fundraising. Signing up is easy if you are not already a member. Just go to the TOP RIGHT corner of the PE Hub's home page

Free Webinars

Engaging Students on Global Issues in the Classroom
How can we engage students in meaningful and creative activities, lessons and initiatives that will connect them to global issues and other children around the world? Join David Chantler from Trickster Theatre in Alberta, and Carissa MacLennan (UNICEF Canada) and other classroom practitioners across the country for a free webinar on Tuesday November 23rd at 1-2pm (Eastern) to learn about the theory and practice of their initiatives and share your own. To participate and receive dial-in information contact Michael Stephens or 613-241-7007, ext. 315.

Fair Trade in Your Province: Principles, Promotion, and Procurement
Want to learn more about the Fair Trade movement? Interested to know how you can promote Fair Trade initiatives and products in your province? Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) presents a Fair Trade webinar on Fri 26 Nov from 1-2pm (EST) where Michael Zelmer (TransFair Canada) will speak on what Fair Trade means, and its effects on trade and global justice. Zack Gross and Sumeep Bath (MCIC) will then provide a case study of Fair Trade Manitoba and encourage an exchange on expanding and promoting the Fair Trade movement through public engagement, public relations and procurement. Can we as Canadians make trade fair through our choices and actions in our own country? To participate and receive dial-in information contact Sumeep Bathat MCIC or 204 987 6420.

L'AQOCI donne suite à l'approche de financement de l'ACDI avec des pistes d'actions concrètes
L’ACDI a récemment adopté une nouvelle approche de financement des partenariats avec les OCIs qui pourrait avoir des conséquences importantes sur les actions d’engagement du public et le financement des organisations. Suite à la réflexion faite avec ses membres, l’AQOCI vous propose de discuter ensemble des pistes d’action concrètes qui seront adoptées face à cette politique. L’AQOCI tiendra donc une conférence téléphonique le 30 novembre à 12pm à ce sujet. Notre directeur Gervais l’Heureux et Amélie Nguyen (analyste) vous présenteront les priorités identifiées par le conseil d’administration de l’AQOCI suite aux sessions de travail et la manière pour les membres de participer à ces actions communes. Pour participer veuillez communiquer avec Amélie à l’adresse suivante ou au 514 871 1086 poste 210.

Engaging Inner-City and Diaspora Youth
Have you run into challenges engaging youth who have no experience being involved in international issues? Want to learn more about how to spark youth interest? Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) ran an arts and media based summer project engaging Diaspora and inner city youth in Toronto on international issues over the past three years. This past summer, OCIC partnered with St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club to run the project with inner city youth. Darren Brown (St. Alban’s) and Jia Lu (OCIC) will speak about challenges and best practices in engaging youth in this project. The webinar will take place on Tuesday December 7th from 1 pm until 2:00 pm (EST). To participate and receive dial-in information contact Jia Lu (OCIC) at or 416-972-6303.

Public Engagement in Challenging Times: The current socio-political context and a critique of CIDA’s new Partnerships with Canadians approach
We find ourselves at an unprecedented moment in the recent history of pubic engagement (PE) efforts in Canada, one filled with opportunities and riddled with momentous challenges. To be more effective at engaging citizens, practitioners need to develop strategies that consider the social, technological, environmental, economic and political factors influencing our work. Join Gerry Barr, CEO at CCIC and Michael Stephens for a free webinar Thursday, December 9, from 1-2pm (Eastern) to present the findings of a new CCIC discussion paper and a critique of "Partnerships with Canadians", CIDA’s recent approach to engage Canadians and CSOs. To participate and receive dial-in information contact Michael Stephens at or 613-241-7007, ext. 315.

Note: To view the materials being presented in the webinar, all participants need to be signed up for the Public Engagement (PE) Hub.

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