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Goodbye 2015 – a good year that has set the stage for an even greater one in 2016!

Dear CCIC members, friends and allies,

This month we will not put out our regular monthly Flash! edition, since it is a short month and we know you are all preparing to take some well-deserved time off with family to celebrate the end of year holidays. But I did want to share with you all a short message of thanks for all the great work we have done together over the year that is about to end.

At CCIC this has been a very special year. We feel as a team that things have come together in many different ways and at many different levels. We had two milestone events – our Leaders Forum in February and the Annual Conference in May – which brought together our community to discuss, debate and exchange on key issues for our sector. It being an election year added a special flavour to all our exchanges, as we strategized on how we could best capitalize on the fact that we had an election happening on the same year that a new global agenda would be adopted for sustainable development in the UN, and a deal would be brokered around curbing climate change in Paris.

In February we launched the “We Can do Better 2015”campaign calling for enhanced Canadian leadership on global development, and in particular around key themes of the new global agenda: inequality, gender and climate change. We successfully presented and discussed the campaign with representatives from the three main political parties – the campaign was off to a great start!

That same week, a process started the year before -of crafting a CSO Partnership Policy at DFATD, with ample input from CSOs -ended successfully with the launch of the policy during our forum. The policy is an important legacy of a collaborative relationship we were able to establish with Minister Paradis, his team and the DFATD colleagues, and paves the ground for enhanced collaborations in the coming months and years.

Already we have seen positive repercussions of the policy during the year, in the formal consultation we were able to co-host in May with DFATD on the SDGs, in dialogue on the review of the overhead policy, and on the extensive work on diversified funding mechanisms for CSOs. Other issues on which we have had fruitful dialogue with DFATD include contractual issues for grants and contributions, public engagement, the role of the private sector in development, and more particularly mining, and more. We have also seen progress at Partnerships Branch as they work with us to expand the funding mechanism for working with civil society groups beyond the calls for proposals. And even in the calls for proposals, we saw improvements that reflected many of the recommendations made by CCIC and others in the sector over the last years.

At the same time, at CCIC we have seen a re-engagement of many new and old members, with a remarkably strong affirmation of our role and value-add as received when we conducted a member survey in recent months. The level of satisfaction of our members with respect to CCIC’s work and focus is extraordinarily high, as is their growing satisfaction with their own engagement with CCIC. And all this is only possible of course because we have a wonderful team and amazing members, allies and friends who make this all possible and worthwhile.

The year is ending on a very positive and hopeful note, with the new government having met early with representatives from our sector, including with key humanitarian groups and CCIC at a round table hosted by Minister Bibeau.  And more such exchanges are being planned for early next year. In general, the promise of greater collaboration, dialogue and consultation with stakeholders is encouraging, as well the intent to review aid policies, prioritise the poor and enhance Canada’s role internationally. We will no doubt have a lot of opportunities for fruitful engagement over the coming year, as the new government moves its agenda forward and we work on how Canada will engage with the new commitments acquired in New York in September and Paris in December.

So, now it is time to take some time off, recharge our batteries, and come back in January ready to make the most of this important juncture where so much light is being shined on Canada’s role in the world.

Happy holidays to all, from myself and the whole CCIC team!

CCIC Staff


Twitter: @JSanchezCCIC

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